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Increase patient satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction
  • We offer daily and / or weekly patient follow up with quality and value delivered at its best.
  • Patient risk assessment, monitoring, follow up and ongoing management to ensure that the Patient is engaged regularly for better Health outcomes. Enhancing Patient experience post discharge in continuation of treatment and therapy adherence.
  • Our Ground workforce of Registered Nurse Care Coordinators, Nurse Case Managers, Pharmacists and Dieticians engage the Patient towards better managed health.
  • Day to day calling in to ensure patients wellbeing, Medication reminders, Appointment reminders etc. are our core activities.
  • CareTeam365 helps boost patient engagement, motivates Patients to visit for screenings, check-ups or follow-up appointments.
  • A major CareTeam365 responsibility is to educate patients, which requires engaging them to make sure they are fully involved in their care plan.
  • Ensuring patient engagement supports care continuity.
  • Ensure all patients have their full medication list accessible.
  • CareTeam365 also monitors patients at home for Vital signs , Weight, medication compliance, blood sugar monitoring, exercise, diet, mood and any stressors.