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Patient Score for communication with Nurses and Doctors

Inspinary helps the hospitals improve the HCAHPS Scores by simply keeping the patients satisfied while the patients are still inside the hospital during the Hospital stay. Our Patient Satisfaction RNs call the patient and or caregivers every day while the patient is in the hospital to identify current ongoing issues if any. This daily call ensures that patient is receiving the attention from the Hospital and that the hospital is concerned with the care that the patient is receiving. This daily simple conversation can improve patient satisfaction score tremendously. Inspinary's HCAHPS program is unique and has guaranteed results.

On the standard HCAHPS Survey, there are seven questions essentially asking patients to evaluate their care providers on bedside manner, communication with their nurses and doctors including how well they listened and explained things. On a daily call with patient, the Inspinary RN Patient Satisfaction Representative inquiries from the patient of the communication of their doctors and nurses with them and notifies to the Hospital management immediately if there are any issues identified. This way there is an instant response to address the issue rather than waiting to have a dissatisfied patient go home and score the hospital services below the satisfactory levels.