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Chronic Disease Management

At Inspinary we have created a robust Chronic Disease Management program with our experienced and proven CareTeam365. The most common diseases where Patient Monitoring has proven improved outcomes include CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke and Chronic Renal Failure. We offer innovative programs that will support any chronic condition. Patients often have more than one chronic condition so support for co-morbidities is crucial.

Medication Management

Reduce readmissions

Inspinary CareTeam 365 provides patient monitoring, education and engagement with 100% of discharged patients, regardless if they are discharged to their home, or to the care of a home health agency or to a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Hospitals are financially at risk for following up with recently discharged patients to prevent unnecessary readmissions. Timely and thorough follow up helps reduce readmission, improve patient satisfaction, reduce patient stress and improve overall quality of care.

A cost effective way to proactively engage and interact with patients to improve care and reduce costs.

Monitor chronic conditions to prevent hospitalization, re¬-hospitalization and emergency room visits

Encourage self-¬management

Educate and inform employees with long term and chronic conditions

Promote wellness initiatives

Support compliance with rehab, wellness, and discharge plans

Reduce out of pocket expenses through better awareness, early detection and early intervention

By actively monitoring at risk members, it is possible to reduce the need for hospitalization or emergency treatment thus helping to reduce costs in the healthcare delivery system.