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Reduce readmission

The greatest risk for readmission happens once the patient has left the hospital. The best discharge plans begin to unravel once the patient gets home. Inspinary Telehealth continues the care with our Readmission Avoidance and Reduction Program.

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Increase Medication Adherence

Scrawled prescription details on a discharge form can be very confusing to patient. Majority of times the Patients can hardly state the name of their medication and the reason they are taking it for.

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Increase patient satisfaction

Inspinary's Global Call Center of experienced RNs, Pharmacists, Dieticians, and Health Coach deliver service excellence at award winning global standards with impactful savings on cost.

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Improve Outcomes

We have developed unique patient engagement models with an inclusive approach to prevent the risk of hospital readmissions and to promote post discharge medication compliance.

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Who would have thought a simple phone call to follow up with patients after they leave the hospital can reduce readmissions, increase patient satisfaction, and improve outcomes?

Our Services

Inspinary offers preventive services thru meaningful and engaged communication methods with targeted population to promote preventive screenings, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and participation in wellness programs. Our team of dedicated RNs and Certified team of Wellness experts are available to guide

Our Team of Transition of care program Nurse Care Coordinators offer regular phone conversations to track patient Progress – Pre-appointment planning and facilitating Medical appointments. The Nurse case managers — or transition navigators connects with patients striving to understand and resolve each individual's unique barriers to care.

Specific emphasis given by this department in following patients discharged with certain diagnosis such as Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Pneumonia that affect 30-day unplanned hospital readmissions

Telehealth department handles all calls for preventive, transitional and chronic care management. The 24X7 Nurse Hotline is also maintained 365 days effectively.

Survey is administered between 48 Hrs to 6 weeks post discharge by the Hospital Surveyors, however the Inspinary HCAHPS Team maintains patient engagement via timely communication with each patient from the day patient is admitted till 90 days of discharge.

Inspinary RN coordinators involved in Education specialize in certain aspects of care coordination. We have one nurse, for example, who is certified as an asthma educator. All RN Coordinators are very skilled in the art of care coordination. Motivational interviewing. We use evidence-based chronic and preventive care protocols to identify and educate patients.